Anatomy of a Blues workshop Rhythm Road #18

7 07 2010

Universidad Mayor – Santiago Chile

4 parts.

1. The story & power of the Blues – Eli Yamin

2. the rhythm of the blues – LaFrae Sci

3. the vocal blues melody – Kate McGarry

4. the harmony of the blues – Bob Stewart

This is a segment from my Rhythm of the blues workshop

The final Blues Jam


Viva Chillan, Talca, & Curico!~ Rhythm Road #15

23 05 2010

3 very soulful stops on our Rhythm Road tour

Music: Rabo De Nube written by Sylvio Rodriguez, performed by (us) The Eli Yamin Blues Band

Manaus, Brazil Rhythm Road #14

20 05 2010

River Song – Bebel Gilberto

Belem, Brazil! Rhythm Road #13

20 05 2010

music…Traditional Carimbo from Belem

M.S.J.A. Graduation Day

2 05 2010

I spend a few hours each week teaching Jazz Language at the Middle School Jazz Academy out of Jazz @ Lincoln Center.  I work with the students on understanding the rhythm and swing of jazz, the power of the blues, and I lead them through history as we explore the lives and music of Jazz Masters like Louis Armstrong, Mary Lou Williams, Thelonius Monk, Tito Puente, Lester Young, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Charles Mingus, Art Blakey and Nina Simone (to name a few).

I also have two private drum students in the Academy.

I very much appreciate the opportunity to present the music and tradition that I love to young people.  It is beautiful to watch them discover themselves and their place in this music.

It is also a joy to work along side my dear friend and musical colleague Eli Yamin ( who is the program founding Head of Instruction.

These are a few shots from their final concert/graduation day combined with one of my favorite Duke Ellington tunes, Rockin’ in Rhythm.

For more information about the Middle School Jazz Academy:

Jazz for Young People on Tour

18 12 2009

(For the backing track I improvised with brushes watching the images.  Finally got to use my Jack Dejonette resonating bells. I think it sounds best with headphones or great speakers)

“There is no agony like bearing and untold story inside of you.” – Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God

Rhythm Road #1 Bucharest, Romania

6 05 2009

I have my whole Taye Go Kit plus bare essential hardware in a 20 inch hard case and a 16 inch(thick & insulated) tom bag.  A little heavy and awkward, but I was able to carry everything in one shot from the cab to check in without a cart or a porter.  I was overweight slightly in two bag by 5 kilos (but playing drums is a heavy thing, ya dig?)  & the dude let me slide without a fee which is a GOOD OMEN in terms of the shape of things to come as far as I am concerned.

My Taye Go Kit Plus one suitcase.

My Taye Go Kit Plus one suitcase.

After a ever so brief stop in Paris, we continued to Bucharest where we were met by Roxsandra, our cultural attache/all around bad ass who is beautiful, sharp, and possess encyclopedic knowledge about every facet of Romanian culture, history, and as I was delighted to find out  – Architecture!  (I like too) Unfortunately she wouldn’t allow a photo today, but I will keep working on her:)


We have a fantastic tour bus and a kind driver named Peter, and tomorrow we will start our journey into the Transylvanian region where we will play our first show.  I’m indeed excited to start spreading the Eli Yamin Blues Band magic!  These photos are of me and Eli hanging in the park.  I love Eli “sweetie pie” Yamin.  We have played together in a MYRIAD of situation for almost 10 years now and it just gets better as we both continue to grow and develop individually.  He is a good friend and a good human and I’m excited to share this journey with him.

After arriving at our hotel, Me, Alexis (who is traveling with us from Rhythm Road – more on her later as she is the bomb), and Eli wandered and found a beautiful park.  We walked and talked and took pictures.  Such a beautiful day – in the 70s!  The Romanians were boating, and biking and rollerblading – pretty much like Central or Prospect park.  While walking I hear the tinkling sound of a fork hitting a glass plate echo and we followed the sound and found a most groovy restaurant that looked out onto the water.  We all had a fantastic fish dish  Dorada- grilled with steamed potatoes no salt, no sauce, crunchy…just like I like it!


Upon returning to the hotel I hit the gym and trained back and shoulders, skyped my Parents, and now I’m a few photo uploads, a 20 min warm up & a bubble bath away from bed as I have not slept for the last 24 hours, but no complaints as I am still smiling and looking forward to tomorrow.  We will be heading to Brasov whic is about a 4 hour drive into the mountains.  Should be fantastic!

Striking old Communist buildling (& Eli)

Striking old Communist buildling (& Eli)