Obrigada Recife! Rhythm Road #11

8 05 2010

Music: Leao Do Norte – performed by Rose Moraes, written by Lenine as tribute to the beautiful Brazillian state of Pernambuco.

MUITO Obrigada

Edvaldo Amorim – for everything

Jorge Martin – For your Maracatu studio and Corpos Percussivos

Marivaldo Lima – For your teaching drumming passion

Pilar do Favela Corpos Percussivos – for your powerful Maracatu and playing together with you

Claudinho Santana – for the Pandiero lesson

and all of our kind hosts!


Escola Corpos Percissivos ~ Rhythm Road #10

4 05 2010

We (Eli Yamin, Kate McGarry, Bob Stewart & I) arrived in Recife, Brazil in the early afternoon. We had the whole day to catch up on our rest before beginning our schedule of workshops and clinics….but I simply couldn’t sit in my hotel knowing that something like this was happening out there somewhere.

This is my first day in Brazil.

Thankyou Jorge Martins and Marivaldo Lima!

Thankyou Edvaldo S. Amorim for taking my perhaps not so sublte requests seriously and arranging the visit!!!

M.S.J.A. Graduation Day

2 05 2010

I spend a few hours each week teaching Jazz Language at the Middle School Jazz Academy out of Jazz @ Lincoln Center.  I work with the students on understanding the rhythm and swing of jazz, the power of the blues, and I lead them through history as we explore the lives and music of Jazz Masters like Louis Armstrong, Mary Lou Williams, Thelonius Monk, Tito Puente, Lester Young, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Charles Mingus, Art Blakey and Nina Simone (to name a few).

I also have two private drum students in the Academy.

I very much appreciate the opportunity to present the music and tradition that I love to young people.  It is beautiful to watch them discover themselves and their place in this music.

It is also a joy to work along side my dear friend and musical colleague Eli Yamin (www.eliyamin.com) who is the program founding Head of Instruction.

These are a few shots from their final concert/graduation day combined with one of my favorite Duke Ellington tunes, Rockin’ in Rhythm.

For more information about the Middle School Jazz Academy: http://www.jalc.org/jazzED/s_msja09.html

Warrior Heart ~ on tour

26 04 2010

I am a firm believer in the power of music to heal both the listener and the musician.  In light of this fact, it was a absolute gift to recently do an outreach mini-tour in NYC with my group Warrior Heart sponsored by Lincoln Center.

We played concerts in some adult care facilities and nursing homes.  Every performance was unique and uplifting for me and the band.  We played some jazz, alot of Blues, some of my original material, and at the end of every show we had the audience singing, dancing & clapping with us.  I also loved watching the room come alive when Mazz Swift sang Summertime, a bit of a dusty classic to us musicians, but really appreciated by the audiences. I especially appreciated getting to share the adventure with some of my favorite musicians to work with.
It was a beautiful experience!

Warrior Heart is:

Mazz Swift – Violin & vox http://www.mazzmuzik.com/index.html

Steve Schwab – Bass http://www.myspace.com/jootsyszaba

Ron Jackson – Guitar www.ronjacksonmusic.com

Cassandra Faulconer – Bass (gig 1) http://www.casandrafaulconer.com/

Narjess Saad – percussion http://www.myspace.com/narjess

Ron Jackson & Mazz Swift

Steve Schwab - the Rhythm King

Ron, Narjess, Frae & Cass

Cass, Ron & Mazz pre-show making notes on charts

The Daughters of Nina Simone ~ Harlem, N.Y.C.

16 04 2010

Backlash Blues Rhythm Section perspective

(Thankyou Theo!)

Process – (thankyou!)

18 03 2010

This is a song about gratitude. Its made up of different variations of my favorite groove, “the shuffle” – a rhythm that comes from the heart.

TomTom Shoot

11 01 2010

TomTom magazine is about Drums, Art, Women, Music, Style, & Culture.

Mindy Abovitz –  Creator/Editor


Teri Duerr, Producer, Horse+Dragon NYC www.horsedragon-nyc.com

Meg Wachter, Photographer  – www.megwachterphoto.com

Seong-hee Park, Makeup – www.seong-hee.com

TomTom Theme #1 written and played by FraeFrae (thats me).