The Skinny

My name is LaFrae Sci.

I am a professional drummer, composer, and teaching artist living in NYC.

The purpose of this blog is to share my musical journey, connect with other musicians, and let my parents know what in the hell I am doing here in NYC.

A Short Bio:

Drummer/composer LaFrae Sci( believes music can heal the world and is trying to do her part one day at a time.  In addition to being a founding member of the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls(, and a faculty member of the Middle School Jazz Academy at Jazz at Lincoln Center, LaFrae has toured, recorded and worked with a myriad of Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock, and Hip-hop artists including Kelis, Il Divo, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Robert Lockwood Jr., Reuben Wilson, David “Fathead” Newman, Pinetop Perkins, Cyndi Lauper, Nancy Sinatra, Irene Cara and Bumblefoot.  LaFrae also served as musical director for Sandra Bernhards’ off Broadway run of Everything Bad & Beautiful and serves as a Jazz/cultural Ambassador for the U.S. Dept. of State.


49 responses

21 04 2009
Chris E G

You go girl!

13 05 2009
Poiesis Ambrosius

Hi i’m Alex George, i hope you remember me. First of all i wanna thank you for the journey in the land of blues and wonderfull feelings you all took me in Oradea and if you want to check out my blog and read my poems i would be extremely glad. Please write me back cuz i’m dying alredy after like half hour after the concert to hear from you. I wish you all the best in the world and love:*

13 05 2009
Poiesis Ambrosius
21 04 2009
Mike Clark

This looks great and yes I do happen to think a paradiddle can save the world. It saved me!!!
Mike Clark

22 04 2009

Really??!! You should know Absolute Truth saved ME!

22 04 2009

LaFrae, I feel honored to have discussed working together on iTwixie. We are launching the site in May and I’ll keep you posted on it. If you find yourself inspired to send in anything from your travels that might resonate and help open the minds of tween girls, we’d love to feature you on the site.

We’ll keep you in our thoughts and prayers as you journey on! You absolutely rock. You go girl!

Rebecca, Founder,

22 04 2009
J Stanton

LaFrae, You are so very amazing! Love from “the creek” and environs.

22 04 2009

love you too Boo

22 04 2009

All the best! I’ll know you’ll have a great time!

22 04 2009

Do you thing Sloanie!! XO

6 05 2009

Hey!! This is Charlie, Drummer holdin it down in Philly. We met at webster hall over the winter… i was playing with Patty Crash, you were playin w Joi. I dont think i ever got a card off ou or anything. I was just on the Vater sight and saw your face!!! Whats good?!

8 05 2009

Dear La Frae,

I was impressed yesterday night at your concert in Brasov. Very nice show!.
Many people here love jazz and blues. Come again any time.
I have some pictures. How can I send you some?

9 05 2009

Genu, Thankyou very much. Brasov was wonderful.

8 05 2009

LaFrae, i’m from Romania.i really really liked u’re concert from yesterday on Reduta,Brasov.u were amazing!!! i have never seen a drummer girl to sing better then u!! u put u’re heart in it. i hope u liked Romania and i hope u will come back soon!!!best wishes and God bless you and the band!!!:X:X:X

9 05 2009

God Bless you too, and thankyou Anca

9 05 2009

hey you,I would love to hear from YOU:D [i’m alin from baia mare,the blond hair one:D]

9 05 2009

see u tomorow:>:D

9 05 2009
Chris E G

Hey Lafrae, we miss you in Brooklyn but it looks like things are great over there. Keep up the great work!

10 05 2009

Thanks Chris G!

11 05 2009

Hi LaFrae,we hope you enjoyed Romania and we hope to see you soon,Thankyou for everithing… u……:D

11 05 2009

Thankyou! By the way…check out some Sarah Vaughn, I think you will like her!

12 05 2009


13 05 2009

You have an awsome smile!!!!:)) Diana from Oradea:P

15 05 2009
Adam Adam

Hi LaFrae,

Looks like you’re having so much fun! I’m so happy for you!!

Good Luck!

19 05 2009

thanks Adam! nice to hear from you

15 05 2009

Heya LaFrae :* i’m Patricia, hope u remember me >:D<….what u did here in Baia Mare was awesome, and the show in Gold Time club was brilliant.
I love u guys so much and hope to see u soon in Baia mare.
Buh Bye :*:*:*

20 05 2009
Chris E G

Hi Lafrae,
I went to the gym tonight and acted like you were there! Had a good workout. Everyone at the gym say hello. Have a great time!

20 05 2009

Go Chris! 🙂

27 05 2009
Antonis Varvatsoulias

Hi do you remember me?
im sending you this links about rebetiko

27 05 2009

Okay Antonis, you are the BOMB!! Thankyou for EVERYTHING!!

27 05 2009

Hi all. I am Szilard from Maramures – Baia Mare. I loved your Music
I diden’t really have time to look for you till now. But here I am
Congrats on your concert. You are all Grate, keep it up, and let me hear about new songs you sing together.
Sry my english is not the best 🙂

I’ve talk with some of you in Baia Mare some of you know me as The guy who offered to translate :))
Good luck

27 05 2009

Of course! Thankyou so much. We very much enjoyed Baia Mare:) Hope to return someday soon.

27 05 2009
Antonis Varvatsoulias

I send you only the one part (7) from this documentary:
Rembetiko: Music of the outsiders
i send to Eli the other six. Take them from him or from the youtube
It was my pleasure to meet you i hope tou see you again very soon.
D r i v e t h a t b u s .

Αντώνης Βαρβατσούλιας

22 06 2009
Josh Stohl

LaFrae, Just heard Boogaloo to Beck and wanted to say thanks for contributing to a gem of a record. Very tasty work throughout.

17 09 2009
Jeff Lo Davis

Hey there Lafrae,
How are you doing?
I’d love to catch up with you soon, oh and thanks for the kind words in your interview, lol . . . is where I can be reached, I’d love to come up to where you’re teaching and soak up some info as well.
Hope everyday smiles on you, because your smile makes everyday better for others!

29 10 2009

lafrae! did you blog about your nina simone trip??

16 11 2009

Hey Lafrae!

This is Jeannette, I was one of the guitarists from Willie Mae in Brooklyn at U.A.M.A. I hope you remember me. It’s good to see how great your band is doing. You’re amazing!! We were all very fortunate to have you. Keep it up.

Much love.

16 11 2009

Grrrrl, I could never forget you. You are one of my favorite guitar players! I wish you the best and I hope we run into each other soon! XO

11 02 2010


Good to meet you at Press Toast after a gig the other night. Nice stuff on your page, and very cool that you dig rembetika! Please drop me a line if you’ve got any interesting gigs coming up in the city!


5 05 2010

you is beutfor girl… i’m froom to Recife – Pe.


16 05 2010

LaFrae *__*. Hi, how are you?
This is me, Tiago from Icbeu/Manaus, hope you remember me !

I want you to know that it was a big pleasure for me hearing the sounds of your Drums, I wont forget “the Shuffle”, haha. tum tum, tum tum.. dun du lá..
Meeting you made me feel that you have something more to say through your Drums, love ya, already.
Hope Hear from you soon!
Best Wishes.

Tiago Cauassa

16 05 2010

im tryin to write smthing in here :T

20 05 2010
Paula Torres

Hello, La Frae! I would also like to thank you very much for your performance in Manaus. “Heartbeat” _I’m in love with that word. You let the music speak! : ) You are the one who gifts the world. Warmest Brazilian Regards, Paula

3 06 2010
Camila Martin

Hi LaFrae, how you doing?
i’m writting and reading from Chillán, i worked at the hotel and you gave your card, you remember?
Well, was a big pleasure for me to get the chance of living the music you do with your band, it’s amazing, it’s full of energy, i really enjoyed the gig 🙂
take care, and hope to hear from you

29 07 2010
Fred Hall IV


Good day! I just came across your blog, and I have enjoyed the short time that I have spent here today. I will certainly have to revisit it from time to time.

I am glad to hear of your work and travels. It is all quite impressive. For that matter, you are quite impressive. I am impressed with all that you and Tania have done with your lives. You have both developed into such stunning and talented ladies. Mind you, I was fortunate enough to glimpse the early stages of that development — oh so many years ago. But still I had no clue to the extent to which you both would find such professional and personal success. I am happy for you. And I wish you continued success.

I am sure that your parents are very proud and very happy for you. I suspect that you have alleviated your parents earlier concerns when you deviated from the path that they envisioned for you to follow your passion after college. I am sure that they appreciate the wisdom of that very deliberate decision of yours.

That is all for now. I hope that we might have a chance to talk at some point when your schedule allows for it. In any case … do take care.


30 08 2010

Hey LaFrae,

Met you on Saturday. Would love to send you my music. Hit me up via email.


31 08 2010

Hi LaFrae,

So glad we could reconnect at the Willie Mae showcase. I tried sending you an email but it bounced back for some reason. Glad I could find your blog. Shoot me a note when you have a moment!


8 09 2010

Thanks for speaking to my mind as well as my EARS.


17 02 2011
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