Obrigada Recife! Rhythm Road #11

8 05 2010

Music: Leao Do Norte – performed by Rose Moraes, written by Lenine as tribute to the beautiful Brazillian state of Pernambuco.

MUITO Obrigada

Edvaldo Amorim – for everything

Jorge Martin – For your Maracatu studio and Corpos Percussivos

Marivaldo Lima – For your teaching drumming passion

Pilar do Favela Corpos Percussivos – for your powerful Maracatu and playing together with you

Claudinho Santana – for the Pandiero lesson

and all of our kind hosts!




3 responses

8 05 2010

It looks ou had a great time here.
Thank you for coming, you and all Eli Yamim Blues Band.
I liked to the great sunset. Just very beautiful.
Marivaldo looks like you when he is playing percussion instruments. He really enjoy to play them.
Well, have a wonderful weekend

8 05 2010
Jáder Cabral de Mello

It looks ou had a great time here(2) !!!!
I saw our pic on the video, thank you to put it there!
I want to see you and the eli yamin blues band agains, all right?
enjoy fortaleza, a beaultiful city, less then recife, buuuuuuuuuut…!

12 05 2010
Harrison Carlos

Photos from Belém

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