Rhythm Road #4 Oradea! Sibiu! Sanaia! So long Romania!

17 05 2009

Thankyou again Ruxandra, Emil, Peter, Julie, Lucian, Lia & Adina & Alexis!!

We will never forget you and your kindness.  Please keep in touch!!!

Excerpt from our blues rhythm workshop in Oradea.

Thankyou Alexis for filming.

The Doodle-lah

Eli Teaching the 6/8 groove feel

Please check out Eli Yamins bolg @ eliyamin.com/blog




3 responses

17 05 2009

Oh God…now after I saw that video…i have that sorry feeling…cause you’re going now…and I don’t know when we see togheter next time…and allready I miss you so much guys…and I want you back in Baia Mare, God be with you on the road…and be blessed!! love you all!! 🙂

17 05 2009

Thanks George. You are a wonderful musician…don’t stop!!!

19 05 2009

Man oh man, what a time we had there. Thanks for the great film Frae. You really captured the love in the air. To all our Romanian friends, we will meet again and again!

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